For Individuals

We are often asked to notarise and legalise copies of qualification (degrees, diplomas, proficiency certificates) and identity documents (birth certificates, death certificates, passports, identity cards, driver’s licences). And advise about, sometimes assist in the preparation of other documents, notarise and legalise documents for uses including the following:

  • the transmission of real property in other jurisdictions particularly China (Declarations of Kinship, Disclaimers of Inheritance);
  • the verification of identity for the purchase of real property overseas and applications for mortgage and other financing facilities particularly in Australia, New Zealand and Canada;
  • giving power of attorney to persons located overseas for the sale, purchase, management of property overseas (Russia, [], []);
  • submission of affidavits and other declarations for purposes of litigation and other court proceedings particularly India;
  • change of name by way of Deed Polls;
  • statutory declarations of same identity where individuals have changed their citizenship but are required to prove identity.

We assist with but are not limited to:

Applications for Grants of Probate and Administration

Resealing of Commonwealth and other foreign court probate and letters of administration grants

Drafting of Deed Polls and Powers of Attorney

Applications and Drafting of Lasting Powers of Attorney